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SPLAT is now recruiting!
SPLAT is currently recruiting all classes, races, levels, alignments, and ages.
Welcome to the Society for the Prevention of Losing Arasai Tragically!

Originally founded in 2009 by an erstwhile band of Arasai who spent a lot of time going splat, SPLAT was formed in the spirit of protecting the fragile, antagonistic race. Since then, SPLAT has evolved, and now welcomes folks of all races, classes, levels, alignments and ages. We're a casual guild, with a strong tradeskilling community. We don't raid, but we love to group and run through writs and Heritage Quests together. Many of us are veteran residents of Norrath, and we welcome those who are new to the world, and are willing to instruct others on how to navigate and survive in it.

We're glad you chose to experience the world of Norrath with us! This website is where we can communicate with each other in the guild, as a whole. Here, we can chat about game related issues, arrange HQ groups, or tradeskillers can offer up their wares.

Please make sure that when you register, that you register with your main SPLAT Avatar's name.  This will help us to know who you are and avoid any sticky situations.


SPLAT is Rebuilding!!!

Kaeluyen, Jul 30, 13 1:03 PM.
Hey there everyone!! WOW, so much has happened in the lives of the SPLAT leadership, but a couple of us have come back to the game and have decided to rebuild the Guild!! Lets see what kind of fun we can get into!
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- Mitch Hedberg
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